Travel Trailer Gingerbread House

December 8, 2015
gingerbread house competition travel trailer acadia national park

Gingerbread houses can bring your imagination alive even when you’re grown. As a child I enjoyed playing with small toys and houses then as I grew older it turned into making my own. Once I realized I could make edible ones of gingerbread I was hooked.

One of the first gingerbread houses I remember making was a ski resort inspired house with some skis stuck in the snow outside. A few years later, upon returning from a study abroad semester in Berlin, I recreated the Christmas markets I saw there. Three years ago I saw a local competition in a store window I decided to enter and began creating a Rudolph (Island of Misfit Toys) inspired scene. The following year I created an A-frame house in the woods. This year I just completed a travel trailer scene set in Acadia National Park.

I wanted to create a modern winter scene that beckons you in. Entering by way of one of the Carriage Roads you could find a nice secluded campsite among the pine trees. Once you start a roaring fire, hang up some festive lights and make yourself a cozy retreat as the first snow falls.


  • Lucy-Ann Spaulding January 27, 2016 at 7:59 pm

    Absolutely beautiful – you never cease to amaze me! The detail is such perfection, no wonder you got FIRST PLACE